Escrow Funds Needed ? I Have them to lend 100 K -100 M

If you need escrow Funds deposited in Title Companys Account for upto 31 days for Bank Financing to show down payment monies contact me now, we will supply the funds for you and get paid back at settlement.

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Tim- I would like to work with you and your org. I have access to Hedge Funds excited about Hotels, Motels, Apartments, and Office complexes that require a 5% escrowed deposit to make a 100% loan. My minimum loans can range from 1M up to to 500M per project.

If you have any clients or project that need funding, I may be able to assist in that funding. If your company has the ability to supply escrow funds, we may have the opportunity to complete some loans.
You have money for commercial real esate funding and escrow?
Yes this would help our Deals go through whats you points/Interest on the escrow funds?


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