If you are a investor looking for secure returns in multifamily properties we would like to talk with you. We presently have offerings and are looking for equity.

Acquisitions Criteria

Preferred Markets:         Spotlight on specific city locales in Oklahoma, North Texas, North Carolina, Nebraska, Indiana & Virginia.

CA – Areas outside of Los Angeles

Asset Class:                     B to C+

Asset Locations:              B

Property Type:                Multifamily Residential

Property Size:                 100 -300 units, Cap Rates 8.0+

                                        CA: 15+ units Cap Rates 6.5+ (areas without rent control laws)

Pricing:                            $2.0M – $20M

Investment Structure:      All cash to seller or possible loan assumptions

Cap Rate Criteria:            45% expenses- includes: vacancy, management, CAPEX

Focus:                              Positive cash flow

Objectives:                       4-6 months

Establish a capital investment pool of approximately $2,000,000 -$3,250,000 with the intent to acquire either one 150+ unit or two 100+ unit multi-family properties in markets with demonstrated current positive demographic indicators.

Over subsequent 12 months

Replicate strategy 2 additional times, providing for a sum total of 350 units in 2-4 geographic areas for a total investment between $3,250,000 and $5,500,000.

Contact: Steve sfox@contemporaryventures.com Contemporary Ventures Group

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