Seeking Equity Investor for Incredible opportunity. Serious candidates only please.

 (the "Owner" or "Sponsor"), a leading operator of multifamily, office, industrial and retail properties, is seeking an $18.5 million joint venture partner on a Class B+, two-property multi-family portfolio, comprised of 676 units, located in Fredericksburg, VA (the "Property (ies)", "Portfolio").

Their are two properties. Both are well maintained, B+ quality buildings with an average 97.5% occupancy, speaking to the demand for this type of housing. Te Sponsor has conservatively set aside $4,000 per unit for initial capital improvements, and the pro forma assumes $275 per unit in annual reserves for ongoing maintenance. The plan is to acquire the assets, complete the upgrades and increase the net operating income (NOI) in order to execute a disposition strategy in year 5.

The anticipated exit value after a 5-year hold is $100 million (based on an NOI of $7.2 million and a 7.0% capitalization rate). Your equity of $18.5 million reflects a last dollar of $131,000 per unit, equating to a going in cap rate of 6.3% and an expected cash-on-cash of 12%, making this is a compelling opportunity to invest in this unique portfolio in a superb market.

 LTC Senior Loan $55,364,371 $17,511,568 $72,875,940 78%

Total Equity 14,511,093 5,895,220 20,406,313 100%

Total Sources $69,875,464 $23,406,788 $93,282,253 Amount Amount

Amount $ Per Unit Purchase Price $67,000,000 $21,500,000 $88,500,000 $130,917

 Initial Capital $1,360,209 1,302,328 $2,662,538 $3,939

Acquisition Fees $670,000 215,000 $885,000 $1,309

Closing Costs $845,255 389,460 $1,234,715 $1,827

Total Uses $69,875,464 $23,406,788 $93,282,253 $137,991

John Emanoil

MJ Consulting, Inc


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Good day,

We saw your ad for funding and were intrigued.  While we do provide commercial funding, at first glance this looks like a great project for leverage funding.  Because as you know, if $2.7M (15%) has already been set aside, it would be difficult to raise the other 85% due to a number of factors (location, management, local economy, etc.).  But in leverage funding, a small participation ($1M or less) can go a long way.  The only reason I'm mentioning this is because we have a business associate that has over 20 years leveraging deals.  Now, I'm not sure what your interest level may be, but if you want to find out more, please feel free to contact me at 1-866-240-3062 or via email at

Thank you for your response. The Sponsor is looking more for an equity investor. I am taking care of the debt piece through an agency program. We are leveraging the debt to 80% or 80 million with an additional 3 million in reserves for minor upgrades.
Ok, I'm a little confused. If you're already leveraging the debt to $80M, you wouldn't need any more cash infusion. As such, how are you leveraging it? The reason I'm asking is that based on the numbers you presented, your debt structuring should already provide you with all of the cash you need. While I did mention leveraging, it's really debt structuring and it seems like you're being short changed. You do need us or anyone else for that matter - we've closed smaller deals for less. As such, you should go back to your guys and tell them that based on the numbers provided, they shouldn't have a problem funding the $100M. Good luck and let me know how that goes.

John Hello, Can you give me a Call I sent this info to my Investor He would

like more info or I could set something up let me know?


George Mckinney

205 400-4025


We would be very interested in providing the equity piece that is needed to get this deal done. Give me a call to discuss. (480) 941-3160 or via email


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