Entire Subdivison Must Go, Bank Reluctantly Agrees to Short Sale!

We must sell our entire subdivision, located in the southeast US.  Lender has agreed to consider all offers, including short selling it.  Full details available for any serious interest.  Thank you.

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"our" does that mean your company is the borrower? If yes, depending on the market location we may have an interest.
Yes.  We are the borrowers.

Can you send me more info on your subdivision...just spoke with someone today that may be interested in this. 

Hi Michael,


I source investments for cash buyers. Please email the details. stonecreekfs@yahoo.com

We purchase notes, property, and REO. We may be able to help. Plz send info to tony@empirerealholdings.com . I can be reached at 770-256-0610


Do you still have the Subdivision that you listed at Crepig,I received info.from you and if it is still available I can arrange a conference call by Friday.



                                                                                                                 Charles Jones

We do.  We thought we had it sold a few weeks back, but the deal died.  Why don't you contact me directly at mcarbo@gmail.com and we can discuss this.  Thank you.

Hi Michael,


Please send me information on the subdivision. I have a buyer that buys subdivisions. Please send to stonecreekfs@yahoo.com


Info is on the way to your email.  Thank you.

Mr. Carbonare,

Would like more info on your properties as I have been contracted by two funds to acquire properties in specific areas.


Hello Paul,

I'd be happy to forward you the details.  Can I have your email address, please?  Thank you.





Thanks Michael


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