Earnest Money Assistance and Transactional Funding Available

We have available for commercial real estate transactions, Earnest Money Assistance and Transactional Funding.


If you have ever wanted to buy that once in a lifetime opportunity but could not due to lack of funds, you may have now have the chance you have been looking for.


Full details available by request. I only provide the information via email, than once you have a confirmed interest, we can at that time discuss via conference call, all the particulars.


Serious investor inquiries only. There is no intermediary opportunities available, so with that said, any requests to broker-IM for us will be denied.


You can leave a note here or reply via email to jbalter@lonestarprivatecapital.com.

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             Please contact me directly at Arainproperties@cox.net I need transactional funding ASAP.


             Thank you,






Please forward me info about your program to lorealhartwell@yahoo.com. Thanks.

Please send me more details. That's what I am looking for.

Would like to hear more about earnest money assistance for commercial wholesaling.




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