We are looking for an Equity Partner(s) for a 5 Star or more Resort in the country of the Dominican Republic. It will be a Land/Development Project, on the Beach in close location to the Hard Rock Hotel/Resort in that area. Includes a Golf Course designed by a PGA Superstar. It will also have a Casino, shops, clubs and much, much more.

The Owner have direct connection to the country Government and the Who's Who of the island. The company is seeking a Total of $400M USD for the entire development, including equity in the company.

We are looking for Investors ONLY NO BROKERS, or Middlemen/women, ONLY the Investors that can Wire Funds for this Deal.

This is the ONLY ones that will be able to speak to the Principles.

Please E-Mail You interest to VIA this Platform.

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To Whom it my concern.
I am Williams Andrew. I got your contact through http://crepig.ning.com/. I am a private investor.I am interested in establishing and operating a very viable business as a means of investment abroad as investor & JV.If you have any good business proposal, it will be funded. 
I would like to let you know that, it would be my utmost pleasure, to associate with you in all possible business 
ventures & collaborations in future to come.
Write me at williamadrew1969@gmail.com   
However, you may like to talk with me as well for more information. Please feel free to call  me on my personal 
mobile number:+447822151865

Hello Andrew,

    What is your company name and what part of the funds WE request are you looking to invest?


I'm an executive accounts manager for a very large investment firm and I'm very sure they will be very interested in a JV with this project. If you would be kind enough to send over a 1-5 page executive summary so that I may get this over to them, this would be a great start to funding this project, thanks and I'm looking forward to helping youL


Best Regards,
Shawn K. Pearl
Office: 225.372.9780
Hours: 9:00am-9:00pm Mon-Sat
206.203.3177 Voice Mail/E-Fax


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