Does anyone do commercial transactional funding?

I have a sweetheart of deal that I need funding for. I can't get into the specifics of the deal here on forum but there is $8 million in equity (based on purchase price and 2010 appraisal report) and I have two end buyers already lined up. If anyone can supply the funding, or knows someone who can, please contact me ASAP, this is a very time sensitive deal.


Jamal Morris

800.447.4125 ext. 101 

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I know someone, don't take this the wrong way however equity based on purchase price and an old appraisal is not true we would need to know more...






P.S. no daisy chain here...

Richard you're absolutely correct. That was just laymen's terms, we used the income approach based on the numbers extracted from P & L statements dated through mid 2010 and they were pretty close to what was reported on the appraisal. I'm sure whoever does the funding will conduct their own due diligence and see that the numbers support the value.

roger that, would you like me to call?





Jamal :Athas Capital Group is a NON-PRIME Commercial BRIDGE lender offering terms of 6,12,24,36,48 to 60 months NO NMLS REQUIRED $100k to $5M+ apartment loans,mixed use,warehouse,office buildings,fractured condos 2-200+,groups of residential or condos held in an LLC or Corporation as a blanket loan.  NO UP FRONT FEES

Athas Capital Group is direct non-prime residential lender in AZ and CA. NMLS required for each state on residential; $25K to $5M+. These loan types REQUIRE an NMLS for each state.



Lien position: 1st TD’S ONLY

To submit a package just send me the following:

1. Executive summary (commercial) Submission sheet( residential)

2. 1003 application or PFS ( personal financial statement is OK on commercial)

3. Credit report

4. Pictures of property-if commercial property

5. Real Estate sales contract for purchases


All decisions  are made right here at our corporate office in Calabasas,CA. Underwriting is right here. The CEO and COO sit here. The loan committee does there thing right here. YOU CAN NOT GET BETTER SERVICE than through myself  Mark 'Sterling' Epstein at Athas Capital Group.

Mark Epstein




I directly represent a commercial transactional funder. Commercial to $2M per property. Ten days to fund. Since I broker their funds, I have my fee already co-mingled with their fee. My funder can go to 60 days.Send me a email at

Jamal; should you still require transactional funds, I have a trusted source that can assist


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