So many real estate developers, investors, and firms need capital for their real estate projects and spend A LOT OF TIME searching for it. We want to deliver the solution to speed up the time it takes to find capital.


Since the launch of our Fund Your Deal and Deal Flow Attraction programs, my team at Rainstar Marketing has been working tirelessly on putting together the ULTIMATE REAL ESTATE CAPITAL NETWORK and we are now opening up different niches of firms that have  funding to those that want to join. Please message me: to join.



Here is how it works. Rainstar Marketing on a daily basis through our Master Internet Networking programs on all the Business professional/ Real Estate investing social networks attracts different real estate projects and investment opportunities. We are partnering with real estate firms, individuals and corporations that need your funding!


So what we are creating is the Ultimate Real Estate Capital Network where those that have specific niche funding will get access to our deals. We want to establish relationships with ONLY a select # individuals/ firms in each niche space of funding. Please feel free to shoot me an invite: and message me with what specific type of funding you have!


We prefer direct contacts of the funding groups but will accept some brokers. 


They types of partners that should look to join the Ultimate Capital Real Estate Network are:


Angel Investment

Private Equity/VC

Mezzanine Funding

Transactional Funding

Hard Money Lenders

Land Bank Lenders

Commercial Lenders- (THIS NICHE IS CLOSED OUT)

New Construction

Hard Asset Lenders- can monetize gold, silver, rubies etc.


Preferably for commercial real estate projects, multi family and some residential but mainly commercial.


Funding partners can have loans/ equity avaliable for projects from $250k to 1 Billion.


Please in your message explain your "Strikezone" or area that you specialize or have the most attractive programs for. Also explain the best type of deal you or your funding partners like to invest into!



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