Do You Need To Refinance NOW!? We’ve Got You Covered!

If you're in a hurry to refinance an income-producing commercial property, and avoid defaulting on that Balloon payment, we can provide quick short-term funds till you work things out.


DGC Asset Holdings, provides short-term bridge financing from $2M upwards, on US-based assets with efficiency, flexibility and professionalism.


Our typical terms are 65% LTV (value based on the income method only), 12% - 16% IO 1-3-year loan in 1st position.  DSCR at least 1.2


If your project can work these numbers, we want to hear from you and WE CAN FUND YOU.


We look forward to working with you – please visit our site and complete an online loan request form – you will get a response within 1 business day.





Darryl Cox

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