Hi everyone,

I'm new to CREPIG so tell me when I'm doing things right and when I'm WRONG!!!


My company offers Bank assets (9banks) for disposition.

We have close to 1B in assets for sell


We have NPN, REO in commercial and residential.


Just drop me a line and tell me what your clients want.



Budd Wright

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We are direct investors seeking commercial assets and notes. Single or bulk acquisition. Nationwide.

If you have assets available, please email me a NDA and Confi so we can review what you have.

Look forward to speaking to you.


Don McClain
Hi don,
We seems to be missing each other.
Email direct to budd@ppgii.com
What are the banks requirements in order to recieve product?

Richard Hudson

Can we set up a time to visit?


Don McClain
Thanks Budd, first off I changed your post catagory to Deals, even though you did have a question in there. Let us know how we can help or if we can answer any of your questions. CrepigAdvisors@gmail.com is the best way to get our attention.
please contact me

Edmir Dzudza
Lackman Commercial Group
Keller Williams Commercial Division
Hello Delma, I left you a voice mail I do have a source that is selling CA SFR at 43 cents + 4 points fee. E-mail me or call me if interested George.M.Lara@gmail.com 619-581-8423.


I can be reached at 760-730-8686
817 689 0975.
Give me a call,please.
Can you provide details of what you have so I can take a look at it?

Richard Hudson
HELLO Bud, I see you are still active. Is your buddy Mike Henderson still with you. How is my contact Adrianne who I introduced to you. Is still bringing in major investors. keep in touch. my numbers have not changed
Hi Mini,
No Mark took 400K from us and left the country!! I caught him selling assets to Laura's group and he failed to tell us. Kevin fired him and disolved the company..then he opened up again with Kevin Derringer and myself. closed the office in Murrieta and we built offices within Cable Solutions in Oceanside.
I have found a bunch of banks who send me their asset listings.
If you would like to see you can go on www.ppgii.com and click the featured assets.
I really felt bad with Mark, I really don't know what happened to his thinking cap. Money has a strange way with some people. I was feeling bad about the way he treated everyone too! Adrianne went to work with Susan up in Seattle. I think she believed Mark about how things went down. Jon told me Mark told him a different story. Saying we put him out, NOT TRUE.
Keep me posted Mini, I have always liked you. good to hear from you.


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