Hi everyone,

I'm new to CREPIG so tell me when I'm doing things right and when I'm WRONG!!!


My company offers Bank assets (9banks) for disposition.

We have close to 1B in assets for sell


We have NPN, REO in commercial and residential.


Just drop me a line and tell me what your clients want.



Budd Wright

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Good Morning Budd,

We are seeking multi family properties nationwide that need little to no rehab. If you have access to such properties please reply at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

Ed Franklin
(509) 994-3230
Looking for Non Perfoming Multi-family Apts for sale call me please
if you have any.

George Mckinney
727 768-4048
Hi George,
I have over 350M in NP apartments along with REO Assets.

Visit us for your view. However, it will take NDA for the back office look at the inventory.
www.ppgii.com click featured assets.
Good Morning Budd,

I sent you an email this morning. I am looking for Multi family and Self Storage Nationwide. Please call me at 484-505-6644 or email me at dutta@real-estate-traders.com if you have any property that meets my parameters
Hi Budd,

I represent clients interested in Multi-family and income property REOs in California. Please forward your NDA.
Thank you.

Michael HassanPour, J.D., Esq.
Senior Investment Consultant
Attorney at Law
D.R.E. Broker's Lic. 00819901
Coldwell Banker Commercial
301 N. Canon Drive, Suite E
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone (310) 777-6399
Cell (310) 801-3310
Hello Mr. Wright,
Bud, below is what we seek. If you are able to perform and or direct to the seller..IE bank in this case, we would like to hear from you.
Residential non-performing loans:
• 1st lien position
• Balances between $250,000 and $800,000 for residential (generally, but no low balance loans)
• SFR, Townhome, Condo. We are seeking Commercial Projects as well.
• Preferably in good markets on the East Coast and West Coast, but will look at good collateral nationwide
• $5mm- $40mm portfolios are "sweet spot" sizes. For Commercial projects sweet spot of course can be higher.
You must be direct to the seller. Please verify this before sending it our way. No Broker Chain.
We will also need specific pricing expectations, color, and know that they are committed to selling the portfolio.
Please make sure that the deal meets all the above criteria, otherwise it will not be seriously considered.
Send the asset tape along with details to us and we will move forward from there.

Thank You,
Dennis Smith
SII Capital Financing
(253) 833-5797
Hi Budd,

My client would like to see something for Los Angeles County, California.
If you have anything available, please email to me: richard@caallc.biz

I am interested in commercial deals


Edmir DZudza
Budd, please call me. URGENT Mini
Hi Budd,
I have clients interested in hospitality, office, storage, MHP, and large multi family.


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