Hello everyone I am just writing a note to say I have placed several request for financing and had several people to ask me who I know that is for real in there lending offerings. I am a huge advocate of this site and would like to believe that we are all above board. I have found it difficult to both get needed funding and worse I have only been able to refer only a few to others that have contacted me. It is difficult to find the real lenders, but I continue to contact thoese on this site. I am not giving up and hope that thoese of you that have contact me don't give up.

I know there is money out there and there are legitimate lenders on this site I just wish it was easer to find you. To thoese that ask me for referals keep the faith, thoese who seek will find.


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I am a private lender.

What is your area of activity.

If Southern CA is one of them, I would like to connect with you.

Amir Halavi


310 477 0110  x 110


We are nationwide. I will e-mail you our two "ads" I apologize but, I should update my profile.

Have a great day,



What is it that you need? When people are asking you who you know, is it that they may be asking you if your direct to the entity or person who wants the money? perhaps I don't fully understand your post.

Frank, what type of creative funding are you searching for? You mentioned you have been disappointed with your lender search. I have come across more than my share of tire kickers in the internet. The majority of these people are simply trying to break into the business of lending, so they find themselves caught in a broker chain. Offering you advice based on the advice they were given. 


My view on lending is very simple. You must be creative and remain open. In the last year the business has changed dramatically. Although the big lenders are advertising that they are giving out approvals, that simply is just not the case. I have isolated a group of insurance companies that will approve excellent credit borrowers the same day. Our loans range from $10k up to $130k. It is a combination of cash loans and personal lines of credit. Let me know if I can assist you with any questions on the creative side. Thank you for your time.


Brandon Starks

Frank, sorry to hear of your disappointment. I encourage you to read this article with the hope that you'll be a step ahead of many folks out there that yet have to grasp the fact that we don't live in the era of easy credit anymore.  After you read it let me know if I can help you.  Best wishes!



All I need to know is what are you trying to do. E-mail a short summary to joe@jbielski3s.biz then we can go from there.

Also you can visit my FB page as I have individual ads that may be of assistance.

Hello joe i just email you now .

I just got skylights put in my place. The people who live above me are furious.






Did you ever find a verifiable lender for your hotel deals in CT and MD along with Detroit?


Hi Frank,

I'm new to the board here myself.  I am always looking for reputable lenders so when you come across any please feel free to send them my way as well.  I work with for sale by owner commercial properties across the United States and Canada so my buyers are constantly looking for new sources of funding.

Thanks and hope to talk soon.

Dan Doran


We are affiliated with a direct portfolio asset based lender . In today's environment you have to atleast have one or the other, good credit or collateral. If your 0 for two then time to wake up from your fantasy dream people. Our portfolio lender makes hard money loans looking at the asset as collateral and not so much credit. For example, a client recently recently is getting a 40% cash out loan on commercial land he owns free and clear. He does not have the credit to qualify conventionally however, he has the asset. Rate 9.5% int. only 3 year term no prepay! We close in two weeks.

Thank you,

Dominion Capital Group, Inc.
Joe Acosta
Office: 877.776.4139
Follow us on twitter@Dominioncapital

Hi Joe I will call you about a portfolio deal I have also I cant send you a direct message till you accept my connection request


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