Direct top Funder Provides 100% Funding for Wholesalers and Rehabbers

I. We provide funding to wholesalers for wholesale deals. If you need fix/flip funding, please
contact us for information.
A. With this program:
1. The wholesaler brings a deep-discounted deal (ideally, 60% of current Fair Market Value or less)
2. Where they have (or soon will have) both the seller under contract and the buyer under contract.
3.XXX Funding puts up all the purchase money
4. The JV Partner wholesaler assigns both (seller and buyer) contracts to XXX Funding/The Edith Capps
Trust (XXX/TECT) for the duration of both escrows.
5. We do not fund deals where you are being assigned (sold) a property from another wholesaler. We
limit our purchases to the actual owners of the property.
NOTE: The interests of our JV Partner are fully protected since they are a named party who is to be paid
their 50% share of the profits, wired direct from escrow, to the JV Partner’s account at the conclusion of
the double closing.
5. A few days later, after both escrows have closed, we divide the profits 50/50.
FYI: We not require any upfront fees. We fund in all 50 states and DC and normally need six to eight
working days to approve a funding request, best case scenario.

II. So, if you have a deal that seems to pencil out well for you, using our funding, please:
A. Read all the enclosed material. It only takes a few minutes.
B. Open the file labeled “Deal Work Up form”; fill out items , then email it into us, so we can evaluate
and potentially green light the deal for you.
C. Conditional Letter of Commitment, as replacement for a POF XXX Funding is happy to provide a
CLOC to wholesalers who have submitted a preliminary “Deal Work Up form” which meets our criteria;
once we tentatively approve the deal, and upon a written request from the wholesaler, we will provide a
D. We limit our investments to US properties only
E. Please be sure you are able to provide a current CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) BPO (Broker’s
Price Opinion) or Appraisal.
F. Minimum net profit: $20,000 or $10,000 to the wholesaler and $10,000 to XXX Funding
Assuming we green light it...
G. Next, we will send you a set of Instructions and an Application to fill out and submit.
H. Should we approve your funding request, we usually wire the funds within 6-8 working days.

If you are a Wholesaler or Rehabber and need funding,contact me as i am a Facilitator for this direct funder who is well established and well capitalized.

Don Carter

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