Direct to Sources for Commercial NPN Pools & Fannie Mae SFR REO Pools

My company has the folllowing direct access to:


source 1:  hard money lender that takes down commercial NPN pools from institutions and needs to resell them to investors for dirt cheap


Fannie Mae:  direct access to Fannie Mae SFR REO bulk product


source 3: Private equity group that takes down commercial NPNs, forecloses on the properties and sells the fee simple asset for well under market value


source 4:  My company can get you on the bidding platform for FDIC Forced Loan Sales, which is one step before the FDIC takes the bank & it's assets into receivership.  Forced Loan Sales is the best time to buy failing product because the FDIC has given the order for the bank to liquidate their assets.


I only work with BUYERS or buyer's reps.  NO INTERMEDIARIES.  Any buyer rep bringing me a buyer through a ton of "invisible" people on the buyer's side that need to be paid a commission will be responsible for paying everyone in your chain out of YOUR percentage (including any "invisible intermediaries).  My company will not tolerate daisy chains. 


Dru 702-997-8970

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I have the voice mail you left. We have been swamped with getting trying to locate our company to Las Vegas, conversations on some dealings with the SEC, all good, nothing bad I promise.


Once the dust settles this week, I will call you. You can send me a email at if you need immediate assistance. Thanks.


Lets talk this week on Tuesday. I am interested in the Hard Money Lender deals. Do you have any California Bulk Assets and NPN portfolios? let me know.


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