Direct to seller reps of bulk REO deals let me know how we can help each other.

I have two direct seller rep sources for bulk REO deals. The inventory for one is banks the other one is from a private institution REIT. You need to be a buyer, buyer's rep or the IM next to either one of these two. Let's do our best and try to avoid daisy chains.


God Bless,


George Lara

Larascom Investments


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i sent you an email George,
i am looking for rep of sellers for commercial reo or distressed properties.

God Bless you !

Hi Ted, I have prepared two teleconference times for you to speak to the seller's rep tomorrow either at 12 noon or 1 pm PST. Let me know what time would you prefer or if there is a different date and time let me know as well.

God Bless you!

George Lara
My principal can only be set up for tues/wed 9am pst to 10am pst; and I have a conference call number? It would be for 15 min. ha this is hilarious. The real need that we need to have between us is a property? Did you get my matrix of the hedge funds? This would simply be a call of introduction to my principal.

Ok let's do it. Reply to my e-mail with teleconference number I will set up meeting for Wedenesday. I'll check on the time availability for either 9 am or 10 am pst.


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