Direct Buyer Looking for Self-Storage Facilities

I've replied to a couple of posts on this forum and have received some "very"interesting properties that are for sale. Thanks to everyone who has brought deals to my attention, particularly Joseph and Norman. My group is not the easiest in terms of CAP rate and other demands, but here is what we are "ideally" looking for:


1. 10%+ CAP Rate Distressed Property

2. Not older than 10 Years Construction

3. $1-3 Million Deal Size

4. 50-70% Occupancy

5. Large MSA (1MM Plus)


Anywhere is the continental USA is fine. 


Please send me your deals.

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Have a 8.5 cap..189 units..90% occupancy loacated in Tx..its not your ideal but might be close enough to negotiate..get me your contact info if interested..Mark

Thanks Mark. Which MSA is this in? You can send me details to





Additionally.. I have a line on a 10 property portfolio (all self storage)..its all or info at this me at and lets talk privately about these assets..Mark

Hi Arum,


I realize that this is not part of your request, however, I have two NPNs on Self-Storage facilities in Tennessee. They are included in my list of Bank owned NPNs. Send an email to for more information.

Are you interested in an NPN?




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