Dallas, DFW, Texas area Distressed apartments wanted

Cash Buyer will be in Dallas area to look at potential properties.

Must be distressed apartments 100 units to 900 units. Class B and C.
They must be Off Market / Pocket Listings / Private Sales. NOT Posted on Loop Net, etc.
Rehab costs per door should be less than 10K.
Must have Pitched roof.

Patrick 702-608-2259

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Are you dealing with someone who knows this market in Dallas or hoping someone who is here will contact you? I know the market in Dallas very well as well as the main players.


My experience has been that unless you are in the Dallas Marketplace and are known to the major players, meaning the top realtors, the chance of being privy to off-market listings is slim to none. You may find one or two tier-2 brokers who are tired of not making any money and may go outside their network.


There are only so many apartment complexes for sale. Obviously you will not find what your looking for on Loop Net. I would choose CoStar over Loop Net. In the Dallas marketplace, Brokers place their listings on Loop Net only at a time when they have exhausted their network and they need to get some action going.


I can provide you with the names and contact information of the top Brokers in DFW, let me know.


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