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Don Emmons is My Partner in many things call him about his 37MM APT in Florida and the new property in Texas!
Hi there, I currently own about 400+ units a mix of different pieces.

Looking to buy-out or even the playing field with a partner who tried to sell our property for the balance of the loan to himself and another guy. 9k/unit. After I found out last week he's offered it to me for the same price for a buy out.
Looking for 90% ltv on mixed use property that we will live in and do business. It is a reo Located in Kansas. Was listed over 250K, but we're getting it for $80K. Can you fund something like this?
We can acquire 21 SFR Performing Notes these are nationwide and have a BPO value of $2.6 mil we can purchase at 50cents of BPO $1.3 mil. These cash flow at around $23k monthly. Our exit strategy is to reduce the current homeowners principle to 90% market value the Refi them and cash out. Is this something you could do.
Scott Foy / Homeland Acquisitions (708) 692-7001
Hello Bonnie, just touching base from our conversation earlier. Please send me details on this deal. Thank you.


"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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