If you are - or know - a Builder or Rehabber in need of a LOC (Line of Credit) to build or rehab. homes for committed Buyers we offer a unique financing program. Southeast United
States. Below are a few of the requirements:

1. You must still be relatively strong (payments made on time/some
financial strength left) and have a track record of building or
rehabbing homes that sell quick.
2. The LOC request should not be below $300K with a maximum of $5M.
3. Terms are dependent on each scenario and are primarily based off the
lender's comfort with the Exit Strategy (meaning the buyer's strength)

Please contact me for an assessment of your construction/rehab project.
(If you're a mortgage broker we'd be happy to pay you a referral fee but
we won't allow daisy chains).

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I got an inquiry for a client looking for an equity line for flipping properties in FL. Is this in your market?
Hi Robert, Yes, Florida is within our market. Does he have a track record of his buying/selling of prop. and does he have solid buyers for his exit strategy?
Can you work outside the States?
Sorry Jide, We can't!
Hi Carmen , Do you have a outline of the program please email me it too me.

George Mckinney
727 768-4048
I'd be happy to e-mail you the highlights, George!
Do you work in Kansas?
Cher, it depends on the project, if the project is small (one or two houses on a occasional basis) it won't work. It also depends on your financial strength (as there is personal guarantee). Let me know, if you wish what your project is about. 912-826-6263. I'd be happy to help in any way I can!


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