The fact of the matter is that no lender that we know of - repeat NONE - will take money from their own pocket to pay for the processing of an applicant's loan so if you are either unwilling or unable to comply, I am afraid that you are wasting your time with lenders.

You must pay for the processing costs as they are incurred, not from the loan proceeds. However, you can recoup them immediately after the loan is closed, hence 100% ++ Financing.

If you do not have the funds for processing, you need to find a partner who does, it's that simple. Otherwise, you will be chasing your tail for a looong time!

We have funded over 2 billion dollars of commercial transactions for companies worldwide.

Corporate Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Re-capitalization, globally and all across the USA.

If your request is Off Shore, we have that covered. We have been doing World Wide Financing for over 30 years. Our minimum Transaction is 10 Million US dollars, maybe 5, if it's the right opportunity. Please do not rule out your project because of size, we may make an exception for you.

Accurate and Current Financial information is a must, if we're to consider your Money request.

Let's go forward with a mutual understanding, and success will follow...please contact us via email with your needs and we'll send our short application to begin moving forward with your project.

Larry Potter @

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