Commercial Real Estate - Bank Relationship Manager

COMAC is looking for Area Managers.

COMAC brings Investors and Lenders together. As "first movers," we match investors needs with select High Value, yet distressed assets that are becoming available at historically low values and sustainable yields. 

Who We Are…

COMAC is a dynamic Nationwide Network of seasoned CRE professionals that believe in the potential of today’s market. The dynamics of this market are creating a unique opportunity for Commercial Lenders and Private Equity Investors to work together in exchanging assets for capital. We bring Lenders and Investors together and provide them with the product and market intelligence necessary to achieve a fair and balanced transaction. 

What We Do… 

We maximize value. Distressed Commercial Real Estate weighs heavily on Commercial Lenders. As distressed asset portfolios swell, regulatory pressures increase. Gone are the days of “extend and pretend.” Now, more than ever, Lenders are being forced into re-classifying distressed loans and charging off losses. Driving up Lender losses are the costs of foreclosure and REO. We help minimize your loss and maximize your return by matching your asset with select Private Equity Groups that are desperate for investment acquisition.

After matching assets with potential investors, we perform a comprehensive, proprietary study of the value of the asset: a study that goes far beyond a simple appraisal. We collect detailed information on the status of the property; both physically and in its financial operations, past and present, to identify the nature and degree of value provided by its current cash flow. We also collect detailed information on the local market conditions that may influence its market potential. Finally, we compile data on the anticipated costs of foreclosure and REO to help highlight to all the benefit and necessity of finding an immediate workable solution.

Our study provides Lenders and Investors with the documentation necessary for due diligence and regulatory compliance. It also promotes an efficient and successful transaction. We believe that a lack of coherent market data has traditionally separated Investors and Lenders in their efforts to conduct meaningful negotiations. It is not enough to simply introduce an Investor to a Lender and trust in market forces to complete the deal. You must also overcome the differences in how the two sides value the same asset. Providing this data is our greatest strength. We bridge the differences between Investors and Lenders by providing the market intelligence necessary to reach a successful close.

To support our business growth, we are now looking for experienced commercial real estate professionals to join our team. The opportunity isn't for everyone. Only the right professionals, who are determined and driven, will be able to attain the maximum benefit. Those who are passionate about growth, as well as providing exceptional client service will be well positioned for success.

Specific responsibilities and qualifications as follows:


Prospecting for new business
Managing existing business
Market research
Deal making/closure
Transaction management


A minimum of two years experience originating and closing multi-family and commercial real estate loans is required
Must have a proven track record of success in the CRE community
Must have an existing network/rolodex of commercial property owners and bank contacts
Must be self-motivated, aggressive, tenacious, and entrepreneurial by nature

Six figure incomes are very common in an agent's first year and top performers are able to achieve high six and low seven figure annual incomes. This is an independent contractor position.

If you are interested in joining a dynamic company, that is well positioned within the 6 Trillion dollar commercial real estate market, then we invite you to contact us today. 

You may obtain additional information here:

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Hello Tony,

Give us a call when you have a chance, we already have the skills and are doing the items your describing already. 713-705-6279, 352-226-3535


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