I work directly with a firm that handles distressed commercial properties in the southeast region (9 banks). Apartment complexes, self storage facilities, assisted living facilities, strip shopping centers, land, condos, office buildings, etc. Buyer must proof up and will then be able to purchase on an ongoing basis and they will deal direct with the source. greaternumber@gmail.com or 904-343-4646


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Do you have and class A, B, and C apartments?

Yes. Send me an email with your contact information. Are you a buyer or do you represent a buyer/buyer group?


So, you are direct?  My buyers want to see what you have before they will do an LOI and must be sure that the POF goes directly to the seller source and not a bunch of people to be circulated.







I am direct to buyers. My email address is gwillie02@gmail.com

Please send me an email & I will show you what is available. Yes I work directly with the seller's rep. I don't work in chains as deals rarely materialize that way. I won't work with buyers & those direct to actual buyers.

I have a NPN BUYER for CALI and FL one has 3B for FL and 100B for CALI

Contact me at 520-343-7331 or rebnru@gmail.com

ELI;  I have a multi-family buying source in the southeast and would like to talk to you next week about opportunities you may have.


Also, I am an active hard money lender financing performing multi-family, self storage,student, ofc, etc w current NOI and close in 30 days.





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