working with a fund. The fund is looking to purchase commercial real estate Non Performing Loans They have bought $1B in NPL to date.  They are looking for the following NPL (Non Performing Loans) with no  particular order of priority of asset class:

 Total UPB ( Unpaid   Principal Balance) of at least $100MM. The larger the better, but the  total  pool has to be north of $100M- ideal size would be $200MM-$300MM  but would  look at pools greater than the aforementioned amount.         

  • Average loan size  north  of $3MM. Ideal  average size is $5MM-$10MM. The bigger the  average size  the better.        
  • Geographic location  does  not matter, any market in the US is acceptable         
  • Collateral asset type   does not matter in the following office, industrial, multifamily and  land  (residential and commercial). The only limitation is that the  land cannot be  more than 20% of UPB.        
  • They will consider a   pool that has some residential,  ideally less than 15% of the  pool’s  value    
  •  They move quickly and quietly. All the things listed are GENERAL  guidelines and nothing is set in stone. They also purchase performing loans and NPL hotel pools.  

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May have one for you that may fit the bill. It is both res and comm and it is nationwide, but you can cherrypick.  I have full tape.


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