I have a client purchasing USPS buildings all over the U.S. in rural areas.

Purchase price is $9,000,000 with client putting 50% down.  Fico over 800.

Need this loan now!

Please email me with your info, details, etc. to lspencer@thelendingcorporation.com



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I can do this. Call me

Hey Lynn

Just sent you a email. We can definitely get this funded if you have not found financing.

Hi Lynne,

Has your client found financing?

Lathea Morris



We can fund up to $500 million, attached are the forms you'll need to get started.

Michael E Williams





My name is Michael E Williams, If you haven't secured funding yet, I have a team of professionals ready to help your client right NOW! Please contact me, or have your client give me a call. 

Michael E Williams




Hi Lynne,

I have a source that will finance this deal with 75 LTV meaning only need to put 25% of purchase price down.  That way he/she could conserve capital for more deals (option).  Have 30 year amortization  fixed with 5 or 10 year terms with rates range 4 - 6.5 

If you need any other information, feel free to contact me at:  brenda@breaico.com

I'll be happy to answer your questions and see if we can move this forward.



I sent you a email AMR Companies ltd can fund you!!

Good Day,
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