Sam Freshman, Author or Principles of Real Estate Syndication is the subject of our interview. JW Najarian caught Sam while he spoke at the Green Pearl Distressed Real Estate Summit in Los Angeles. To watch the interview Go To


Samuel K. Freshman - Chairman, President, and Director

Mr. Freshman founded Standard in 1961. Since Standard's formation, Mr. Freshman's responsibilities have included Standard's investment strategy, business development and negotiations.

Mr. Freshman is a principal of all entities established by Standard and is responsible for their oversight. 

During his career, Mr. Freshman has been responsible for the acquisition, development and management of approximately $500 million of real property in 11 states and more than 25 cities. 

Prior to his decision in 1983 to devote the majority of his time to Standard, Mr. Freshman founded and was the managing partner of the law firm of Freshman, Marantz, Orlanski, Cooper & Klein, which recently merged with Kirkpatrick and Lockhart.

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Mr  Freshman;

I  have several articles available for publication.  They range from socio/political  observations to economic  observations.  They usually have a bit of  acid,  criticism and unusual twists.... perhaps a bit of    dry  humor... Rather that just post them I would rather ask if you would want to view them first  before posting or publishing them.  May I  email you one to look at?  I would be interested in your comments.

The piece I am thinking of is called  " Cost Push - Demand Pull Economics is Bogus"  its  not quite as dry as  economics can be.. shall I email it to you?   thanks ...LTP

Thanks JW;  the interview was a good synopsis of the state of the market;   I am sure that Mr. Freshman's book is a good one to pick up and digest and I will be sure to pick one up.

James Curtin, CFO

Boston Development Group


I look forward to checking out his book, has anyone on the forum read it? 

Jeffrey Smith.... Thank You! for taking the time to share this information.


JW Najarian

CREPIG Founder


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