Commercial Funding available for all commercial projects, including oil/gas and alternitive energy projects! Private lenders upto 500m. Principals'

We only work with the most reputable private investors and investment groups in the country who offer very creative short-term and long-term financing secured by commercial real estate and non-recourse stock loans. With our experience and knowledge, we have the capacity to orchestrate and facilitate creative solutions for even the most difficult transaction. Minimum $250K up to $500M. We take pride in being recognized as one of the fastest in the industry.


We are interested in all types of commercial real estate and alternative energy projects.  In general, we have three main criteria:
1) The project can be either new construction, refinance or acquisition;
2) The market fundamentals for the project must be sound;
3) The development team must be experienced and fully engaged in the project.



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I'm interested! Please send me more details to my email,

Thanks & God bless

Hi Bill

I'm interested.  Please call 215-518-6906 or email me at at your convenience.  thanks

Please send contact information for my records for upcoming projects.

May you posper and be in health in 2012.

Richard Risi

Dear Bill

We are finance company at Hong Kong and South Korea, we looking for the private investor for the project funding via our structure finance solution with investor, we have lot of project in South Korea, and Asia market.

If you interested, please contact to via e-mail.

Skype: ctreeholdings 


Thank you for your interest in Kindom Builders Financial Group. However, I must inform you that we only offer financing to pricipals and we currently do not finance out of the U.S..

Thank You, and best wishes with all of your endevors!


Bill Luna

Hi, I always wonder, why lenders suh as yourself, only wants to deal with Principals only. Is there some jealousy in legitimate brokers making a living?  I am in the legal field, and have clients who are always, looking to have projects funded. |f you are a legit funder, what is the problem with a broker forwarding deals.

Makes absolutley no sense!  And if they do not want to deal with brokers, they should get off this site and advertise in the newspaper. This site is a member site, where people work together!

Just saying!


Hi Antony, How are you? I'll have to say jealousy has nothing to do with it! Yes, I'm am a member of this site too, and I try to do everything I can to work with everyone! We work with private investors offering private funding! Conventional banking institutions are not leading or they may have more restrictive situations! Not working with brokers is a business decision of our private investors! It's also cost effective to work with brokers! The volume index that we work with would cost this group millions of dollars! Many brokers (not all!), make it more difficult to retrieve essential information about the principals or the projects! That causes, in many cases, delays! That being said, I also understand many brokers do a "great job" helping principals and they are critical to the principals and projects they serve! I wish you great success, and Happy Holidays!

Bill Luna 

Dear Bill Luna

I'm Oleksandr Trifonov - registered private entrepreneur from Ukraine.
Director of InSpaceDesign - studio of interior design with five years experience in development
and management of little projects.

I'm addressing you because i plan construction and management of little hotels network
in recreation area (Black Sea shore, Yalta region, Crimea (Ukraine))

For this purpose i need loan or investment.(conditions are negotiable)

Financing for one hotel.
Ammount needed - 600.000 USD.
Duration of loan - 5 years
Grace period - one year (due to construction schedule, decoration and landscaping)
Loan repayment - yearly (desirable, substantive income period - from june to september)

The idea to build and run little hotels network in South of Crimea was accepted not yesterday.
I was planning this business 3 years because:
- South of Cremea is most developing place in Ukraine espesialy Yalta region where future
hotels will be located.
-This place is realy unique in the world because of unique nature and climate.
 Pablo Neruda, famous spanish writer, said "Crimea is the order on the breast of planet Earth"
 A lot of famous people lived in Crimea. Such as Pushkin and Chekhov.
- demand on hotels with eurropean level of service (which we plan) is much higher then offer.
- we plan powerful advertising company in order to attract clients from ex SU and Europe.
- we plan reasonable price policy (at the momment we plan best price/quality combination).
- during last two years growing investment activity from Russia, UAE and Turkey.

I'm ready to provide you any information about me and details about this project.


Oleksandr Trifonov.


Thank you for your interest in our commercial funding. However, we only fun U.S. projects! if I do come across any foreign investors or funding I will forward you that information.
thank you I wish you great success Bill Luna

Thank you for reply and attention to my funding needs.

I will wait your information about investors outside US.




Can you all provide proof that you've closed deals in the past or provide proof of funds?


If so please contact me


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