We have a commercial real estate buyers list that includes over the top 200 Active Commercial Buyers in our nation. This list includes the names of acquisition managers, their contact numbers, their contact emails, and the company's buying criteria. These buyers are purchasing all commercial properties from hotels, warehouses, strip malls to even casinos. A sample list of 5 buyers can be sent upon request. The entire list has billions of dollars worth of buying power. We will send you an invoice. If there are any questions please feel free to call us at 786-704-4393.  Thank you!

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My name is Charles Jones,I have Sellers of various Commercial Properties,but no buyers,please send me details regarding your Commercial Buyers List.

I am seeking multifamily and shopping centers in Texas. Do you have any good deals?

Mark Hyman

email me walton.traeki@gmail.com

What do you charge for your lists?

email me walton.traeki@gmail.com

the list is $500

Hello Traeki could you send me a sample list please so i can take a look at it please email me at tgrandinspection2@yahoo.com 


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