Commercial financing available to 97.5%


Rate: 6.5% fixed for five years

Loan Amount: 30 Million and above


Package requirements:

Executive summary

Business plan

5 year pro-forma

Full resumes of all principals

Draw schedules for use of funds

Proof of funds in the amount of 2.5%*


If property type is housing we require a feasibility study.


*Proof of funds can be in the form of bank statements or a letter on bank letterhead stating the financial capacity for the 2.5%. The letter must be signed by a bank officer.

We also do loans for businesses; these are the types of loans we offer:


Asset Based Lending
Account Receivable Finance
Business Lines of Credit
Equipment Leasing
What can generally lend on anything that has sufficient collateral.


Please send your project requirements to:

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Hi Michael,
Are your loans full recourse?
What is your fee structure?


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