I am seeking a JV partner with development experience. The land for this multifamily/mixed use development has been acquired.The project has been adopted by the City Council and is ready to begin construction. The construction cost are 15MM - 18MM. The profit margin is between 7MM - 9MM. The demand for this product is very good. To learn more about this exceptional opportunity please contact me at your convenience.



Rodney Schupp

p: 970.485.5510

email: rodneyschupp@ymail.com

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100% JV Funding Available on shovel ready deals starting at $20mil Funding also available for for any commercial project $250k - $500mil Call us @ (910) 722-9550

Dear Rodney,

   I just saw Your latest online AD for a JV PARTNER & I also took a look at Your Profile on CREPIG & I see that You do "Boutique Hotels"? I also have my Profile on CREPIG as well!!!

I do Commercial & Hotel Lending from $1MM-$500MM all across the USA & all around the world!!! My Specialty is Hotels, Gaming, Resorts, Restaurants, Special Purpose & B&B too. I can even do Multifamily, Mixed Use, Church & Non Profit Lending as well.

I have access to JV PARTNERS, HEDGE FUNDS, BRIDGE LOANS, SBA, HARD MONEY, etc.!!! Please do either email or call me so that we can discuss Your Deal above!!! Thanks & Take Care.


Victoria Lewis-Owner





My  name is Felix and I am a Finance Specialist. We can help you.
Call my partner Courtney Lawrence and she will talk to you about  the kinds of funds we provide. Also go to our website. For any questions please  to hesitate to reach us.
Courtney Lawrence:
Phone:  (949) 777-5509 | Fax:   (949)  309-2731


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