Charlie Sheen Could Use This To Pay His Lawyers!'s been about six months since I offered to help people learn the Private Banking business..How are we doing so far?

Well, I just got this email recently...

I have long considered Richard a wealth mentor. He taught me to create and find deals, not just properties. The deal, which includes the net income, debt structure, projections and fund usage, is a better analysis of an investment than how sexy the building looks. Mr. Norton teaches on the fly, while you are out in the market, not in some dull seminar. As a real estate entrepreneur, I have since learned to bring deals to the money, while he, a real estate investor, brings money to the deals. Thanks Richard!

Jamiel Cotman President

More Excellent Realty

I can't promise to help everyone...the fact is most people quit before they get to the finish line...Like I said this isn't for everyone...Is it for you?

Maybe yes, maybe no watch the video below & find out more @

P.S Did I mention the training is

P.S.S. If you have tried to reach me and I missed you please try again...




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I have a deal trying to put together car wash/ lube in Allentown Pa. looking for $900,000, or is this not what you are looking to do?




I'd love to but my minimum is 2m...sorry





I saw the video and thought it to be very interesting, great presentation, and i do agree with you about the guru junk, I would like to learn more about what it is that you seek, and if im not to late, possibly help out, and learn something in the process, my email is  and i can be reached at 215-718-3422.



tried to call ya ...will try back...






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