Cash investor looking for multifamily, MHP, and Self Storage

Here is our criteria:
1. Multifamily, Mobile Home Parks, and Self Storage
2. $2-15million price
3. 10+ cap rate
4. B and C class properties
5. 15+ cash on cash return
6. Distressed in some form (REO, Short sale, Low Rents, Vacant, low occupancy, deferred maintenance, etc)
7. Seller finance is a Plus
8. Assumable mortgage with 5+ years remaining is okay (nothing with less than 5 years remaining on existing mortgage please)
9. 20 units minimum
10. Nationwide
11. Unlisted a Plus

NO Broker Chains please...

Please email me what you have available along with financials and we will review and respond asap. Will sign NCND as well.

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You can contact me at
I have a mobile home park that meets all of your items except #11. 176 pads, 38 acres. Owners will finance with $1m down. Currently under contract for $2.4M but buyer is having difficulty with financing. Located in Orangeburg, SC. Please e-mail me if your interested.
I have a self storage of 420 units in California e-mail me if interested at


I have over 500 Self storage units at 2.7 MM
If interested, give me a call.

Rick Meyers.
Please email me at and I can send over what we presently have in our inventory. We are located in Charlotte, NC and have mostly assets located in the Southeast.

Best regards,
Andrew Klenk
Are you interested in a portfolio of 51 single family and cash flowing homes? Being sold at 75% of today's market value; per comps run one each property. 9%+ Cap Rate. 13%+ Cash on Cash with a huge IRR.

Email me at

We have a MF NPN in Florida as well as a self storage complex in Florida.

Please see attached and let me know if your cash investor has interest. We are principal partners on these assets.
We have customizable Bulk NPN and REO Tapes available. These tapes are purchased through the FDIC Toxic Assets List that are reserved for Bank to Bank transactions. Our relationship is with the bank who will trade assets on our behalf which will allow you the biggest savings on Commercial, MFR, SFR, Multi-Use, Office, Special Use, Retail, Land, Industrial, Storage Units, Mobil Home Parks, Construction, etc REO's and NPN's. Our process for this order is as follows:

-We will represent you on all transactions related to our source.

-Sign an exclusive Buyers Representation/NCND Agreement, Investor Information Sheet and Order Form

-Once we receive the above documents we will arrange a conference call between the principals and attorneys to
proof funds.

-Next, we will place your order. Average turn around time is 7 days at which point we will forward your customized
tape for review.

-You will have 5 days to perform due diligence, write and submit a Purchase and Sale Agreement and deposit a 10%
EMD to title and escrow.

-After due diligence is complete, we will process the paperwork exactly as any other transaction. Clear titles are
delivered upon signed closing statement.

-Customizable lists are available nationwide at or below 55% of FMV.

-Minimum order is 10M or a maximum of 25M on first time orders.

We also have a 20B dollar Commercial list of NPN's sold individually with a 5M minimum purchase. The buying criteria is similar to the above. We are direct to the seller and hold equitable interest in all the property we market.

Please contact me if interested and I will forward you the required documentation for you to sign and return so we can move forward immediately.
Kate Dixon
Whitaker Consulting Group, LLC


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