I represent a CASH BUYER who is looking for SFRs and 2 Flats in the Chicagoland area – Cook County is the target area, collar counties OK. No high crime or distressed neighborhoods. Looking for Off Market Properties only with 10% ROI. Will buy bulk.

Also seeking strip malls, office buildings and broken condos nationwide. Off Market Properties ONLY. 10%ROI. YOU MUST be DIRECT to the seller – no broker chains.

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Dear Rhonda,

I am direct to the owner of a 2 story office building in Reno, Nevada if interested. Asking $2,513,000

In conjunction with our associate in Santa Barbara, we have 5 luxury SF owners looking to sell their mansions in California.

Thank you




Nonlisted property in
Anchorage Alaska
Class B 75% leased
Office building

If you still looking for chicago properties give me a call I buy and sell in chicago area.


205 400-4025 George

Hello Rhonda,
I have a few deals and they are all off market, I don't know if you can do a land deal and another one is in Dubai. Also the last one is in FL. We need a buyer for all three, if your interested please see my contact information below and I can also send you the package on the deals. Also do you have any buyers for a residential bulk package? Thanks and please advise:
1.  This is newly build Hotel in Dubai - franchise is open - Hotel Hilton is ready to grant Franchise -
Hotel Hilton Management is ready for the Management with Profit Guarantee - 
However, This is direct with me... As owner is willing to Sale it because they are not related with Hotel Business..
They have some businesses -- 
 Owner is willing to sale it in 100% Cash..
However, it is stated, that this is best opportunity as Dubai is best place for Hotel Business and ROI of 10 % is Good ROI as other Hotels are earning 6 - 7 % ROI from Hotel Business...
This is Best time for Hospitality Business due to Dubai Expo-2020 - Visitors are increasing day by day...
All 5 Stars Hotel occupancy rate is above 90% ... This is in Dubai only...
However, all depend on your investors and partners decisions... No Problem ! Asking price is $200m
2. The Land Lot. 3 plots of Land in the NBV. This one has a realtor Ms Frances  involved. She has agreed to 1 point on the deal. She has a strong buyer's list that we can utilize. The asking price for all 3 lots is $27m
3.This is a sweet condominium package. It's on the Water with 298 units. The asking price is $70m. The broker in control of this is Mr Harvey. He is asking 1.5points. We'll try to get him to 1 point. He constantly gets deals consistently. He's someone that I've had a business relationship with for a bit over a year. Let's utilize him too.
Shawn K. Pearl


"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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