CASH BUYERS HERE! Seeking CashFlowing Commercial Properties $1mm-$999mm-Nationwide

I assist a large group of CASH BUYERS, finding properties that meet their specifications.  If you have a Great Deal, I have Buyers with Cash who want properties.  Closings in 30 days (60-90 for gigantic deals).  Most buyers prefer non-MLS listed properties and direct communication with the Seller(s).  So if you have an off-market or pocket listing property, just get me the basic info to see if it's a fit.  Prefer being direct with the Seller or person who can make the decisions. 

Most favorable: 

Apartments: $1mm+, 100+ units;  Class A-B-C,

-Office Buildings:  $1mm-$999mm, (one buyer - $50+mm Class A, NNN, min.BBBcredit); 

-Assisted Living Facilities:  50+ beds 

-Hotels:  100+ rooms 

-Self Storage:  150+ units

-Mobile Home Parks:  100+ spaces 

Sorry, no land or developments at this time.  Nationwide, with strong preference in CA, TX, FL, NC, SC, AZ, but most states are very good.

We have such a large list of buyers wanting various types of properties at all price ranges so if you have a property for sale or dealing directly with a Seller, just send the basic info.  I will qualify what you have as a fit, or not, then go from there.

note: Need NOI, so no vacant properties.


Take care,

Dorothy Mozelle


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Hi Dorothy,


Can you tell me more about the location and asset class that your buyers are seeking.?


Yes, I was too broad with my initial post.

Right now the "flavor of the month" is the standard "cashflow" investment properties.  Apartments, Office/Retail, Self-Storage, Assisted Living Facility, Hotels and Mobile Home Parks -NATIONWIDE! 

$1mm-$60mm for Apartments (50+ units), Self-Storage(150 units), Mobile Home Parks(100 spaces).

$50mm-no limit for NNN Class A Office Complexes and buildings (Seriously looking for this, but definitely Off Market or Pocket Listing.  Seller is huge investor and just closed on $500mm office.

Hotels 100+ rooms

Assisted Living Facilities 50+ beds


More buyers are coming with wider range of interest and we will update as that happens.  Right now we have 200+ buyers wanting investment properties. What I've listed above is dynamic and we will look at everything that has value.  Not wanting an MLS listings, unless you are working direct with the Seller and know it's a really great deal that has NOI and below Market Value.  We welcome Brokers!


Will look at REOs if able to carve out.  We are not bidding on properties, but prefer a negotiated deal, then it's  contract.


If you need anymore info, please contact me!


Thanks!  Dorothy


How yall doing?

Here are some of the properties I have , tell me what you think.

here is a 100 unit I have on my blog if your interested I can send you more information.
Hello Dorothy, I sent you an OM and overview of the 212 unit property in Houston, TX you inquired about. I sent to your email address. I also have a vacant office building in NYC asking price 200MM but its negotiable and offers are considered.


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