Canadian Commercial Developer Seeks Limited Partners

Our client is an experienced commercial real estate developer in British Columbia, who is raising $75-M from Limited Partners to build commercial retail power centers, suburban office campuses, industrial parks and other projects. In exchange for a 3x ROI over ten years, this developer has a history of building large big-box stores for Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, etc in secondary markets in BC, and will expand into the US at some point. The sponsor sold his last portfolio for over 100-Million, and his previous investors have now aged into their 90's and are retired.

The offering documents are available upon request, and are very extensive. 

Please contact for more details and an executive summary.



Michael J. Weiner


PreConstruction Catalysts, Inc | PCC Funding | PCCCapital Investments

(301) 570-9100 (Maryland)

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Conference Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3580 Access Code: 598-448#

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Hello Mr. Weiner, I am working with a private boutique investor source who can provide all of your capital up to $5B

Your project must create jobs for the existing community at large ?

You must show $ 1.2M in your Business Banking account ?

The investors are seeking 3% to 5% interest  ROI for use of their funds for 3 to 5 years.

Proven exit plan ?

Well that's it if you have any further questions please email or call me 


Mr. Reggie McLeod
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McLeod Enterprise Companies
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