What is a Title Holding Trust (Land Trust)?

The Title Holding Trust, often referred to as a land trust, is a simple and inexpensive method for holding legal title to real estate or personal property. The Title Holding Trust is a fully revocable grantor trust designed and drafted specifically to acquire, hold, manage and ultimately dispose of real estate or personal property on a confidential or private basis to better protect your assets.

The Title Holding Trust (Land Trust) is very similar to a regular family living trust, but has some very important legal differences that provide some significant benefits and advantages. Its roots come from the Illinois Land Trust long used to hold title to real property in the State of Illinois.

There are many reasons for, and benefits of, acquiring and holding title to property in a Title Holding Trust. The most common include the need or desire to acquire and hold legal title to real estate or personal property in a confidential or private manner in order to keep the Beneficiary's (owner's) name out of the public records.

Exeter Fiduciary Services, LLC, as Trustee of the Title Holding Trust, acquires and holds legal and equitable title to the real property or personal property pursuant to the terms of an unrecorded Title Holding Trust Agreement.

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Great statement. What does it mean for me? Are you saying you are holding properties for sale that you cannot specify or that you are buying for a Title Trust and can't say for whom? I'm eager to correspond.

Craig McCord
There are many reasons that you might use a Title Holding Trust. You might want to keep your ownership of property private so that you are less of a target for litigation. You might want to negotiate the purchase of property through a Title Holding Trust so that the seller does not know who the real buyer is. Disney did this when acquiring his Florida property. He bought the Florida real estate through a Florida Land Trust. You might want to use the Title Holding Trust when buying property with other investors (co-investors) in order to protect the property from liens and judgments related to or due to the co-investors. There is an attachment to the original post that spells out many of the benefits in greater detail. We look forward to working with you.


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