Good Morning group,


Currently offering geographic specific Bulk properites (sfr/mfr/commercial ect,.) in So cal, and US.

Entry at 65% for 5 Million. and 55% at 100 million. plus 3.

The first week of january we can provide a HUD 1 to show proof of previous closings with clients.


Also, many properties coming up from pvt sellers in Cal and South West..   Direct buyers contact me for info,


gil yanez




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Gil,i am a direct to 3 different quality assured Buying groups,and they have the immediate financial capacity to buy the following right now:


*Shopping Centers in LA County preferably,but will buy in Southern California from $15MM and up

*Multifamily Apartments in LA and Phoenix,Dallas/Ft.Worth and other major metropolitan cities nationwide from $10MM and up

*Office Buildings in California and Texas and Arizona from $10MM and up


If you have immediate fresh current "Off-Market" properties,please contact me at:







We had this late last week, if this is something you are interested in , email me some questions and i can ask the seller and check on availability.


Also, our custom packages are still available, Jan 1st, we will have a HUD1 of properties we have closed.  I would like to have you take advantage of that, i feel your buying groups would be most pleased.


  "All southern California 92 Condo unit with 11,000 retail BPO Apox $68m take down straight with nationwide at .60% we can close this week."

                Total Take down : $59M



gil yanez


"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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