Looking for REAL BULK REO Sources with REAL Products for REAL Buyers. Definitely NO "I have this and I have that > or > I have $500M Bulk SFRs all in Cali so PROOF UP before we start". I DON'T THINK SO! Get with the program! In todays market, there are too many wanna bee "Joker Brokers" that has no products to deliver or has not close any deals. Also, too many IMs just trying to build their contact list and can't perform. You know who You are!!! Those of you that have connected with me and closed Deals knows the real thing. I have many Buyers ready to POF and can connect them to the right source for Real Products for continuous repeat transactions. JUST BE REAL AND HONEST!


Mario Gapultos

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Are there specific areas your buyers are interested in?


Thank You for agreeing 100000000%!!! In the last couple of yrs., this Industry got flooded with so many Joker Brokers and IMs just trying to make a BUCK and end up wasting Yours and My time who are Real in this Industry... They're either fishing for seller sources or trying to build a list of Buyers without even knowing if they, too, are Real... They then present these (Non Real) Buyers to Real Seller Sources and their Buyers can't perform for whatever reason they have...  On the other hand, You have Joker Brokers and IMs saying that "they have the Seller w/ products" but in the end their (Non Real)Sellers cannot produce and/or deliver. These Joker Brokers and IMs usually answer you w/ phrases like " I have a Source that has real products and have connected many buyers to them" or "they close deals all the time" or "I have been working with them for a long time and they have products".  When asked "have you ever closed a deal with these Seller Sources? Their response is  "NO" or "I am working with them right now"...

If these IMs are aware, that a Deal will not happen if too many hands are in the pot, why do they continue on with this tactic? GREED! GREED! GREED! With that in mind, they never will or very seldom close a deal... Also, you get these other IMs that pop out of the woodwork all of a sudden... WOW!

As far as Joker Brokers (and IMs too), I have come across in this Networking site who are also doing it in other sites too!! You know who you are!!!! They are either trying to fish for Buyers, Sellers and/or Info just to have a list for themselves that they think they would profit from.. In the end, It leads to failure or their dream doesn't last...

It took me years to build Reputable Real Clientele. By being Honest and creating Credibility with Real Buyers and Real Sellers, I have put together a Network of Real Sources, Products and Real Buyers. I am Real! As for those that have closed Deals with me knows who you are and are repeats.

In this Industry, majority of Your Buyers and Sellers and the Reps, knows your name one way or another. Your either "REAL", "Black Listed" or your an unknown individual.

My Message to Joker Brokers and IMs:                                                                                                             There are alot of Real Investors in this world that will do business with other Real Brokers and IMs. Just be Real and be Honest for your Credibility is built on relationships that's on a repeat basis!....



I have a buyer now looking for SFH in Phoenix and MFH in FL.  I know he is real was getting ready to send in a LOI  to me today for FL SFR but realized its back logged with foreclosures so now he wants to stay away and look in the other areas mentioned.  Give me a call (610) 506-4977 or e-mail d_mconstruction@yahoo.com 



Capital Properties, LLC 







I also have real national NPN and REO tapes from a capital fund I am the seller rep direct to. These are ready to go. 



(610) 506-4977


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