We are seeking apartments and possibly mobile home parks

Our buying criteria

1. 12% cash on cash basis current actuals

2. B or C+ assets that are in good areas

3. Stabilized occupancy

4. MSA > 350,000

5. Prefer southeast but open to any growth oriented markets


Please send deals for evaluation jleigeber@gmail.com

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are you the principle buyer?


Yes, there are three of us combining resources and funding for acquisitions and I'm one of the principles.

Zip codes?Email me realpropertytoday@gmail.com


If you need capital for purchases, please contact me. We can do both Debt and Equity for Multi Family Properties. We can also provide bridge financing as well as Fannie, Freddie and HUD Loans. Bryan Shaffer  George Smith Partners bshafffer@gspartners.com 310-867-2906.

How rigid is the MSA>350k preference?  The Myrtle Beach MSA was at 269,291 in the 2010 census, but it grew by 36.95% over 2000.  Would this market be of interest?


I'd be happy to look at something in the Myrtle Beach area.


If you have any buyers looking for cash flow properties MONTHLY!!


Nevada is the land of opportunity!! I can provide your buyers with thirty properties, that’s right, thirty properties per month. Cash flowing, single family, multifamily, commercial, owner occupied, market analysis, cap rates, property management available, TOTAL PACKAGES.  If you are interested just email me at transactionengineer2@gmail.com 



Myra B. Carter

Sovereign Capital Alliance Group
Transaction Engineer II

you must be doing well...I guess that's why you don't return return emails or phone calls..same as a few others on this site...


I don't recall getting anything from you...sorry if there has been confusion.   How can we help each other?

Send me your contact info to jay@capitalvalueplays.com and I'll reach out to you within one day.

I too am sorry for the confusion...I was replying to the poster above me...I have sent emails and calls...nothing...my apologies to you...I just think its unprofessional to leave people hanging the way some people do in this business..when anyone goes a step further and sends a business email then it makes sense to at least follow up..it happens too much..ya know??..anyway..good luck to you and your outfit..Mark



Please accept my apologizes for not contacting you in a timely manner, I've had a high volumes of call lately. Again I do apologize.


Thanks you and have FUNding day!!

Myra B. Carter

Sovereign Capital Alliance Group
Transaction Engineer II

Myra...you are officially off the hook...I know we get busy ..thanks for your call today...lets do some deals!


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