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We are seeking commercial property to purchase. We are looking for
> distressed property, such as Apartment building (75 to 300....units),
> Self Storage Units, Mobile Home/RV Parks, Senior Citizen Facilities,
> Prime Commercial Land in Tier 1 cities.
> If you are a principal or broker with same, we would like to hear from
> you. We can send to you our criteria for the purchase of same upon
> your request. We are the principal buyer. Thank You


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Our group is looking for NPN's , REO's and private off market deals.
The NPN's we are looking for are Office buildings class A and B 50,000 sq
ft and up with large notes starting at around 25 million and up. Multi-family
complexes class A and B 100 units and up nationwide at any dollar value.

The REO's we look for are in the same categories but we are looking
for opportunistic deals with low occupancies for the multi-family complexes. We
look for class A,B and C on the multi families and class A and B on Office.

Our group will only look at off market private deals. The deals we prefer are
large lists of assets from one seller which give us the option to by bulk

For NPN's we have 3 billion to spend.
For REO's we have 7 billion to spend

 Call  Robert 203-387-1250     robmor12@att.net


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