Business Unsecured Lines of Credit available with no upfront fees!

These BULOCs (business unsecured lines of credit) can be used to fund your purchases, start-ups, rehabs, flipping, expansions, balloon payments, equipment, inventory, etc.

No up-front fees, ever!  Borrower pays an origination fee only AFTER she/he has full access to the funds in the unsecured line of credit.

Very simple one-page application.

No collateral, no income verifications, no financial statements, and no tax returns are required.

Can fund up to $150K per individual borrower or can fund $1,000,000+ by getting creative...for example, have seven people with good credit get approved for $150K each.  These people do not need to be officers/members of the business entity.

These BULOCs are totally credit-driven.  Each borrower must have a credit score of at least 680 or higher.  The higher the credit score, the higher the line of credit.  Interest rates will vary accordingly from 8% to 12% with no prepayment penalties.

Depending on credit, sometimes there may be a zero-interest period for the first 6 to 12 months.

Monthly payments will be approximately 2% of whatever the current principal balance is.

These BULOCs will not show up on the borrower's personal credit report.

If borrower applies using the originator's instructions, an enquiry will not show up on borrower's personal credit report.

Funding can occur within 30 days after submission of the one-page application.

If this is not for you, please let your friends and associates know about this.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that an applicant will be approved for a BULOC.

If interested, please send an email to

Here's to your success!

Innovative Commercial Funding

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Can we get an unsecured credit line  of $50,000 with 690 of personal credit score? if yes how long would it take to receive the Cash?

Dear Dale Winders.

I'm Oleksandr Trifonov - registered private entrepreneur from Ukraine.
Director of InSpaceDesign - studio of interior design with five years experience in development
and management of little projects.
I've found your e-mail on GREPIG.
I'm addressing you because i plan construction and management of little hotels network
in recreation area (Black Sea shore, Yalta region, Crimea (Ukraine))

For this purpose i need loan or investment.(conditions are negotiable)

Financing for one hotel.
Ammount needed - 600.000 USD.
Duration of loan - 5 years
Grace period - one year (due to construction schedule, decoration and landscaping)
Loan repayment - yearly (desirable, substantive income period - from june to september)

The idea to build and run little hotels network in South of Crimea was accepted not yesterday.
I was planning this business 3 years because:
- South of Cremea is most developing place in Ukraine espesialy Yalta region where future
hotels will be located.
-This place is realy unique in the world because of unique nature and climate.
 Pablo Neruda, famous spanish writer, said "Crimea is the order on the breast of planet Earth"
 A lot of famous people lived in Crimea. Such as Pushkin and Chekhov.
- demand on hotels with eurropean level of service (which we plan) is much higher then offer.
- we plan powerful advertising company in order to attract clients from ex SU and Europe.
- we plan reasonable price policy (at the momment we plan best price/quality combination).
- during last two years growing investment activity from Russia, UAE and Turkey.

I'm ready to provide you any information about me and details about this project.


Oleksandr Trifonov.



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