Look below at some of my programs that I can help you and family and friends and business owners and real estate investors with.You must be direct borrower.


Thank you.


Don Carter
Facilitator to Lender





(Business Multi Service Center)




 Loan Funding, Credit Repair and Law & Legal Services

Our Programs and Services Nationwide All States


Personal & Business Loans - Real Estate - Residential  &  Commercial / Mortgage Loans - Hard Money - Credit Repair  /  Debt Settlement - Legal and Law Services - Foreclosure - Forensic Audit - Mortgage Litigation - Mortgage Fraud - Foreclosure Defense - Short Sale





Business and Personal Management Solutions





Personal Credit Card Funding Programs


$20,000 to $200,000


NO Upfront Fees * NO Application Fees * One Time 15% Success Fee *

680 + Credit   Scores on all 3 Bureaus

550 to 680 + Credit Scores for Military or Veterans



$20,000 to $200,000


Back End Success Fee 15%

5 to 7 Business Days

No Income Documentation Required

No Employment Verification

100% Unsecured

No Home or Assets Required

 Equifax Only Funding Options

3-4 Day Express Funding

No Business Plan Necessary




680+ Credit Scores on all 3 Bureaus

 550 to 680 + Credit Scores for Military or Veterans




Revolving Balances Below 60% of Credit Limit


At Least 2 to 3 "Open" & "Seasoned” Trade lines

No More than 4 Inquiries per Bureau Last 90 Days

No Prior BK, Liens, Foreclosure, Repossession, Judgment

To get your Credit Reports go to:


INFORMATION: When you order your $1 Credit Reports and Scores here, you will begin your trial membership in CreditCheck® Total. If you don't cancel your membership within the 7-day trial period*, you will be billed $29.95 for each month that you continue your membership.

NO Upfront Fees!!!! 

NO Application Fees!!!!

Back-end Success Fee of 15%! 

















No Upfront Fees



Funding up to $250k in a 12 Month Time Period with a 700 Credit Score or anyone in your Organization



10% Back end Success Fee


 To apply,contact me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com








Student Loans & Refinancing

No Upfront Fees

 Student Loans & Refinancing Product Benefits


 Refinancing and consolidation of private and federal student loans


 Available for both undergraduate and graduate school student loans


 0.25% Interest Rate Reduction with automatic payments


 Interest only repayment option available for up to first four years of repayment


 Largest unemployment protection period in the market at 18 months


 No origination fees or prepayment penalties


 Cosigner release available


All loans funded by community lenders like not-for-profit credit unions and community banks.











No Upfront Fees   


Loans from $1,000 to $20 Million or more in as little as 48 Hours



*****   NO UPFRONT FEES   *****


Collateral Loans No Credit Check


How it Works

Step 1- Call one of our specialists today to see how much money your asset can bring you! We’ll have a specialist appraised it so we can make you a fair deal. No charge to the client!


$$$ Turn Your Merchants Assets into Immediate Cash $$$

Quick Easy Process!


·         No credit checks

·         No income reporting

·         Monthly Interest only Payments!

·         Month – to – Month Contracts

·         Cancel at any time

·         No Banking Statements Needed

·         No Early Termination Fees!

·         No Prepayment Penalties!

·         Insured, Licensed and Bonded

Collateral Loans with No Credit Check.

Borrow any amount – from $1,000 to $1,000,000 or more, No credit check or financials needed. We lend money fast by using the value of your asset to create the loan. We do not look at your credit score or your income.

·         Automobiles (Luxury and Classic)

·         Boats

·         Jet Skies

·         Helicopters

·         Luxury Watches

·         Motorcycles

·         Jewelry

·         RV’s

·         Gold

·         Precious Metals

·         Aircraft

·         Diamonds

·         Trucks

·         Art

·         Antiques

·         Memorabilia Collection

·         Heavy Machinery

·         Construction Equipment

·         All items considered

Assets are fully insured & returned to you at the end of the loan.  








($5,000 TO $2 Million)



*** No Upfront Fees ***


Must be in Business at least 4 Months or more!

Approvals within 48 Hours

We Fund Money 1 to 3 Business Days

We offer many funding programs that can help your business make more sales and profit & growth.




***  We  also  offer  Equity  Lines  of  Credit  and  Monthly  Payments   ***

Long Term Monthly Business Loans 

Small & Medium Size Business  Cash  Advance 
Working  Capital  Funding 
Consumer  Financing
Credit  Card  Processing   
Investment  Funding for Growth  
Funds to purchase more inventory for products and goods

Unsecured  Business Loan  Funding  

No Business Credit Needed
No Collateral Needed 

We fund money within 1 to 3 Business days after you send in All the Documents needed Below  !!!!
( must  send  all the Documents needed  Now , ASAP , So we can fund you the  money )

To get us started:


Please email & return the following Documents today:


·     Fill out complete application and sign

·     6 Months of your most recent bank statements.

·     6 Months of your most recent credit card processing statements.( If Applicable)

The more quickly I receive your documents, the quicker we’ll be able to fund your business!






 Must get your credit report




Debt Settlement Program


What kind of debts can be settled?


Debt Settlement programs focus on unsecured debts – those that are not tied to a physical asset such as a house, car or boat. In addition, some types of unsecured debt also do not qualify.


You can include the following types of debt in a New Era Debt Settlement Program:

  • Credit cards
  • Medical / Hospital bills
  • Department store cards
  • Signature loans
  • Personal lines of credit
  • Old repossessions
  • other unsecured debts
  • Old judgments
  • Private student loans in default


The following types of debt do not qualify:

  • Home mortgages
  • Federal student loans
  • Car loans
  • other secured debts
  • Credit Union debts

Be sure to check with your New Era Debt Specialist: 





Nationwide Private Money Direct Lenders

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Financing

USA & International Funding

Personal &   Business Loans


 Contact me at:donmoneybiz@gmail.com

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