Bulk REO's and NPN's sources required urgently....

We currently have several high-quality, high-volume buyers for bulk 'NPL's and REOs and we have a problem in that our existing seller sources are struggling to keep up with the appetites of our buyers.  Therefore, we are reaching out to any other high-quality sellers that are not already tapped out with
too many buyers.  Our excellent buyers range from $10M to $700+ in take down capabilities.

If so, please reply to this email ASAP (our buyers are ready-to-go!) with your contact details including phone numbers so we can discuss.

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Seller:  Bank Source
Portfolio:  $100M NPN's
Type:  Commercial
Protocol:  LOI and POF
BPO:  $0.65 on the dollar
Gulf States:  Houston, TX//Across Southern Louisiana//Coastal Region of Mississippi//
Central & South Alabama//Tampa Bay Metropolitian Area of Florida.
Hey Norman,
I am direct to the Selling REP for this particular deal and she has other direct sources in case this is no longer available.  I look forward to speaking with you.  My email is jdhorton@ymail.com.

Hello Norman, I have a tape of NPN's nationwide mostly Florida if have an email I can send you the tape and other info here's my contact info below:


Richard Hudson




I have access to product your buyers may like. No middle men only direct seller or seller rep. to direct buyer or buyer rep.

Tell me the area your looking and we can fill the need. You can contact me direct. walker9964@yahoo.com. 347-907-6715


Please email me with your requirements.  I have several sellers and seller reps/mandates that I am next to.


Your info is totally safe and I do not share with anyone.





I currently have 31 properties, primarily in the inland empire, but also LA County.


What is your price point?


Do you have the partners already?



Hi, I have several partners who are direct to several sources of bulk reo's nationwide. So we could properly get what your buyers need on a regular basis. When are looking for serious buyers only who are willing and able to provide proof of funds. Please feel free to call and discuss. Our motto is win/win, we want you to make money will we oursleves make money.


Antoine Howard



Joe Acosta

I am direct to sellers and buyers of commercial and residential REO's, Non-performing notes and performing notes. We are now looking for buyers and You do not have to deal through a IM. And we have fresh product.

We also have access to Florida product both Residential and commercial.We are direct to 8 banks (separate financial institutions). There are no intermediaries on my side. It is just us and the banks.
     If you need product please contact me and we can set up a conference call.
Raymond Blackwell
joe acosta
bank reos


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