Bulk REO's and NPN's sources required urgently....

We currently have several high-quality, high-volume buyers for bulk 'NPL's and REOs and we have a problem in that our existing seller sources are struggling to keep up with the appetites of our buyers.  Therefore, we are reaching out to any other high-quality sellers that are not already tapped out with
too many buyers.  Our excellent buyers range from $10M to $700+ in take down capabilities.

If so, please reply to this email ASAP (our buyers are ready-to-go!) with your contact details including phone numbers so we can discuss.

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Norman,i am direct to a tremendous seller source,i deal with the sellers rep,this is a Private Equity firm that owns and are currently selling Wholesale SFR REO inventory that is inclusive ofthe following states: TX,MD,FL,AR,NJ,and NY,and WI.if any of your Buyers are interested,i have a listing of what is available for sale.

Contact me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com

Don Carter
Hi Don

I will ask my business partner, Dale Winders to call you (I believe that you have previously spoken to him re us doing business together)
Don I have several buyers looking for inventory in those areas. Demetrius Mathis
Norman I have a source who is an authorized rep with over a hundred banks/holders of REO. he is currently delivering zero-light sfr properties in the diamond states @ .55-.65. We will begin with contact sheets for all parties involved. Then get on a call with the Rep and Buyer. LOI will be delivered to buyer to complete and return. A Hard proofing will be done directly between principals..

Thats a brief rundown of everything so that you know what to expect. Please call/email for more. Thank You

Daniel Fernandez
Hi Richard - missed you by phone, but what is your email address please and I will ask Dale to email you with our buyers' criteria


 Hello Norman,


  Please email your buyer's criteria to sanjaykumar@commjax.com


 Thank You

Sanjay Kumar


How about $50M Las Vegas SFR @ .53-.56 + 3? private seller. LOA with LOI/SPOF. one away on this.

We are direct to the seller of verified bulk REOs and NPL's. Our sellers have what your buyers' need . Kindly visit www.verifiedbulkreos. com to be vetted out. After passing the vetting out process, you will deal directly with the seller's rep and the seller. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.


Welcome to the club. Our recent source is "tapped-out" of bulk SFR REO's and can't keep up with our demand as well. It's getting harder and harder to find qualified (real!) seller sources for our buyers; who want product from $100K to $10B.

I wish you good luck in finding a reliable source.
You Folks who need to close on REO before the year ends, need to speak with me asap!

Thanksgiving will make all selling sources slow down and create a logjam of orders. I am direct to a Seller Rep and we are working through the holiday to prep buyers who need to close before years end. If we start now Buyers can expect their portfolios 48-72 hours after thanksgiving, leaving plenty of time for due diligence and to close. My source is real and we are closing on real deals.

$20MM Minimum, properties to include title insurance, source to provide LOA. Proof directly to Principal. Thanks!!

Daniel Fernandez
619 251 2365

How much can you supplier handle? What is protocol? My buyers are currently in a logjam on a wait list from the supplier I have been using. We need to move quickly and close fast!!! I will call you on Monday to discuss. Please don't answers questions here. Just let me know that you've read this e-mail and can have answers when I call.

Thank You John,

Please shoot me an email so i can reply with the protocol sheet for you to review before monday. Look forward to hearing from you

619 251 2365


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