Bulk REO/NPN program from a major bank

Buyer will directly work with the bank after LOI, NCND, and MFA.
This bank has unlimited inventories including for CA.
Minimum order is $250M TD but prefers 1B.
Pricing will be .45~.55 +4 (attorney, seller rep, IM, and buyer rep)
Here's the sequence of the procedure.
1. LOI with info on how the bank will verify SPOF, NCND and MFA
2. The bank verifies SPOF
3. Invitation form the bank in 24 hrs for a meeting between CEO of the bank and the buyer - Call or a face to face meeting per buyer's choice.
4. Compile the tape in 72 hrs.
5. 24~48 hr tape preview
7. Contract, DD, and close


IF interested please contact myself or my asset coordinator Ken Vanderbilt at 312-502-7520.


Robert Coleman

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My partner can do this, I will ask him to contact you, can you give me your mail?

We are direct investors aggressively seeking these types of assets. We can close quickly.

Please provide more info.


Don McClain


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