Hello Investors,

New source that has direct access to a huge data base of BULK REO/NPN nation wide inventory.  Huge discounts, taking down 500m + easy, transparent process with an escrow and title.  It is a no brainer with many exit strategies. 


If true investors know anything about bulk reo, they will know the key part of the equation is finding a verifiable source.  I am telling you here and now, I have just the source.  I don’t need to sell this program, it sells itself, and I will not follow up with an email unless interest is shown, as I talk to about 50 people a day. No joke!  I have to continually vet out brokers, dead leads, and dirty players who just want to play games.  I only want to deal direct with buyers who are looking to make a good honest value out of a golden opportunity.  


I’m looking to establish working relationships, and as long as this resource allows us too.  That said; please keep this all in mind, when it comes to terms.  We are a straight forward, transparent process. 


This program is for the serious investor, with the intent to acquire.  It is not a catalog, or car lot.  The banks are offering huge discounts with an array of product, from commercial, mfr,sfr,strip,hotel,mhp,npn,apt, ect... NATION WIDE inventory.  8+ sources.   


We are approaching all capital/private equity investors, hedge fund managers, pension fund managers in the attempt to create a working relationship.  If this is an arena that you might be interested, please contact me at your earliest convenience, and I will be more than happy to discuss the program moving forward.   

You should have a separate LOI for each different type of product your investor is interested in.  SFR REO, Commercial and/or Multi-family REO, SFR Non-Performing Notes and Commercial/Multi-family Non-Performing Notes.


There will be a couple of NCND's that will be required to be executed in sequence, to protect  proprietary information. This will happen once the LOI and authorization to contact is completed.


One of our sources pulled orders for over 600 million dollars in SFR REO last week alone and have indicated to us that the more detailed and complete a package is, the quicker it will be processed.  Please feel free to call or email with any additional questions or information and thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you in this marketplace.


If you have any interest please shoot me a email and I will forward docs needed to my source to move forward



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Hi Michael


I am direct to buyers looking for SFR and MF inventory.


Please email me at normansutton1269@gmail.com

I need 20MM in the San Fernando Valley/Thousand Oaks areas. 500K BPO SFR's and MFR's. Maximum 70cents. Have LOI and POF. Need urgently.
ok i will check with my source and get back to you.
We have a number of large buyers of NPN's, please contact me at Fjoseph@mulhollandequity.com


I am looking for BULK REO SFH, BULK Commercial, BULK Multifamily 100 units+, & NPNs in Arizona.



Hello Michael 

    We are looking for commercial NPN nation wide. Please let me know what you have you can email me at: jamesmccargo@gmail.com. Tahnk you



Please send docs for Comm NPN to:  ross@buyersdodeals.com

I have an investment group that I am direct to the principal on. Please email me at kellie@reo-group.net so that we can proceed forward. Thanks!


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