Bulk of NPNs on 201+/- SFRs For Sale. Located in 34 States. Must Close Soon!

Priced at approximately $13,000 per home. Price 16 Cents to the Unpaid Balances. Majority State Florida with 45 Single Family Residence NPN’s. UPB Gross $17MM. Whole pool takedown (no cherry picking). Price $2,637,120 Buyer pays 3%

I also have a large tape of NPNs around the Miami, FL area. Consists of single family, multifamily, commercial, land, etc. 35% off UPB. Buyer pays 3%

Buyers only contact me at dietzellc@yahoo.com

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Update on the Miami tape.  They have dropped the price and it needs to go fast! 

The strike price for the pool is 40%=50%of the unpaid balance UPB  ($306, 606, 735.00) of the existing notes plus 3 points.  The protocol is Letter of Intent (LOI), Soft Proof of Funds (SPOF) and Master Fee Agreement (MFA) – no exceptions.   This deal is only for Real Players that have the knowledge, experience & ability to close quickly.  The pool is to be sold as all or none – cannot be divided up.

If you have a letter of authorization for the NPN's. Hedge Fund will proof up.

Craig May




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