Bulk Buyers If You Are Tired Of The Broker Chains & Fraud Call Me.

I am a buyer rep for several large bulk buyers. If you are a bulk buyer and you are tired of the craziness and fraud from brokers PLEASE call me. I will represent you in your purchase. My seller rep is ethical, legit and represents numerous banks. You WILL receive legit tapes direct from the banks. The tape will be complied to your specifications and for your eyes only. I will submit the required documents to the seller rep on your behalf. Once the bank complier receives the required documents the compiler will contact you in 24 hours or less. You will hard proof to the complier at the bank. You will finally close deals working with me.

If you are a buyer rep and need my assistance in getting your buyers legit tapes. I will facilitate the deal for you with my seller rep. I will do the same amount a work as if I was the buyer rep so I do require your buyer to authorize my position as the facilitator and agree to my 1% fee.

Stop wasting time chasing the fake tapes and fraudulent brokers claiming to have product. Contact me I can start making you $$$$$$$$. Please visit my website for complete details.  www.sellorbuyfast.com

Lorena Beck

Beck's Family Properties LLC






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