Why bid on tapes with "crack houses to spec houses" when you can custom build the distressed assets [NPNs & REO] you want without bidding against others for them?  Our proprietary computer model the PrimeVest Analytical Tool [P.A.T.] builds all asset classes in all 50 states with nationwide Lenders. We're now accepting two new Partners for joint ventures.  Prospective Partners are invited to visit our site at http://www.PrimeVest.us and submit investment criteria and execute a NDNCA. No daisy chains are permitted.


Our volume & value model is unique in the distressed asset market, facilitates deal flow and requires a team of due diligence professionals in the marketplace. For more information, please contact:

Kevin L. Keithley
Managing Principal/Chief Investment Officer
PrimeVest Partners, LLC
Menlo Park, CA

DISCLAIMER:  PrimeVest Partners, LLC does not guarantee inventory since it's perishable and as to pricing:  "The Arsonists are in charge of putting out the fires" so we never know what offers Sellers are going to accept.

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