Big appettite for off-market Class A apartment deals

My venture buys off-market Class A apartments and some office and industrial too.  We only buy off-market, but we can move quickly and unleveraged for deals or notes with a good story and/or discount to replacement cost.  We look min major Sunbelt metros but will consider most any major city on a case by case basis. Deals must be $8M or larger - nothing is to big.  We will not buy broken condo projects, but we will buy deals in lease-up, unfinished construction, notes, or short-sales.  We are happy to sign a CA for a specific deal and can show proof of funds if needed.  My venture partner has over $12B invested and under management - this is not a new game for us.  Find us something interesting and we will make you some money!  Jim @ 713-974-2930 or

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I have access to a few tapes direct from asset managers. Which states in particular? Thanks Demetrius
FL, GA, NC, TX, AZ, CO, OR, NV and some west coast. If you have a deal in a major city (except the NE) we will look hard? All sizes considered over $8M but the sweetspot is $15-35M
you say they must be A class correct??
If it was built after 1994, we will take a hard look.


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