Hawthorn Finance Limited is a modern and internationally known financial company dully registered in Jersey Channel Islands. We also have our operational office in Cardiff United Kingdom. We represent the traditional banking practice of equality, stability and strength.
We deliver timely financial instrument such as Bank Guarantee and Stand By Letter of Credit which can be used to raise Credit Line to finance all kinds of project and trade globally. We issue these instrument strictly for lease at 6% for one year, this can be renewed. We work closely with AAA rated banks whom we hold strong partnership alliance and assure excellence, towards exceeding our client's financial expectations.

How BG/SBLC supports your business

Our lease Bank Guarantee and Stand By Letter of Credit can be used for the following:

Advance payment guarantee
Deferred payment guarantee
EPCG Guarantee
Bid bonds

visit www.hawthornfinancelimited.com or enquiry@hawthornfinancelimited.com for more details

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